Research Methodology

Spring 2019- Teaching Assistant

In this course, I taught graduate students about the basic terms of qualitative and quantitative research practices, including the systematic literature review process. 

- Course Description: A graduate course in Research Methodology teaches the basics of research study, including scope finding, background study, data collection process, and solid background of research methodologies.

- Number of Students: 13

- Responsibilities: Conducted workshops on Smart PLS software and Quantitative Research Methodology, mentoring students.

Network Security CS 423/623/723

Spring 2024- Teaching Assistant

As a teaching assistant, I created lab videos for graduate students on cryptographic algorithms and their real-world applications in network security. The course covered vulnerabilities in networking infrastructures and defense mechanisms to overcome them, including security at different layers of the networking stack.

- Course Description: A graduate course taught by Professor Ragib Hasan is a comprehensive study of the fundamental vulnerabilities of network communications and their corresponding defense mechanisms. 

- Number of Students: 368

- Responsibilities: Preparing Lab videos, Maintaining Regular Office Hours, Grading homework and Exams, and mentoring students.